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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the advantages of SIPS over other building systems?
  • Speed of construction
  • High levels of thermal insulation
  • Strong and damage resistant construction
  • Cost savings
2. Does SIP construction meet NZ building codes?

Yes. All Thermawise homes have individual engineering certification to show compliance with NZ codes. All materials have BRANZ approval.

3. What does a SIPS house look like?

No different to any house built using more common building methods. A wide range of exterior finishes can be used.  

4. How long does it take to build a SIPS house?

The actual time frame will will depend on the complexity of the design, but typically it will take half the time as an equivalent conventional timber framed house.

5. How well insulated is a Thermawise SIPS home?

The standard 100mm Thermawise wall and roof panels have an R-value of R2.75. This compares with a typical timber framed wall with standard fibreglass batts insulation of R1.64. Thermawise designs with SIPS ceiling and roof have a whopping R5.50 rating.

In addition, because SIPS are airtight, no insulation value is lost by air leakage.

6. How does SIPS construction help the environment?

Because SIPS built houses are so well insulated the amount of energy required to heat or cool them is substantially reduced. Thermawise panels are made from materials that can readily be recycled.

7. What does a Thermawise SIPS house cost?

Usually about 10% cheaper than the same house built by more common building methods. Although SIPS materials are more expensive, the major saving in on site labour, gives an overall lower building cost. This is especially true for remote sites such as off shore islands or other places with difficult access.

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